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Unfinished business...

I sometimes find WIPs good, it motivates my procrastination to not finish my sketches. lol.

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Our scanner fails so hard. My cellphone takes better pics.

Kura, why the weird mandible XDNG

I could've done a better version only that 8D you know, monhan. XD 得意げゲーム
I don't know how to scan it well D;
it looks so real in real life.キラキラ

Speaking of monhan, againパー
I didn't know Japan pays a monthly fee in able to go onlineiモード
That is so messed up.ガーン

If they made it so in US and UK servers, hell will break loose. むかっ

/monhan blabber.

I'm falling behind one piece D;あせる

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I haven't drawn for months.
Last time I remember was for a joint indie manga that I did last june,
(which, as I suspected, was buried into procrastination)

Uchi's nose is weird. >___< WHY DO YOU HAVE A BONE THERE?!

I 've been trying to draw his nose for the whole afternoon.
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I've mustered all strength to wake up and post this entry. XD

I really have no idea what to blog. XD

But I've been wanting to share this doodle for ages.
Figure out who he is?
No he's not jin. 8D

okay here's another clue.


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