Sadist Angel

My other cyber alter egos

I debated as to share them here, but oh well.
Just so you know. I don't often add people. But hey, that's why I made this site for.
These are my stalker proof sites, meaning they are mostly locked and I hardly add people. 
Don't get me wrong, 80% of the part I'm just lazy, the rest, maybe I find you creepy.

My Livejournal:
They are mostly about Kanjani 8 babble and fangirling what not.
This is my oldest blog to date. Around 2004. 

My Deviantart:

Home to my creative procrastinations. I barely update.

My Multiply?!

Lol I am amazed this exists. This is as forgotten as my myspace page.
I can't even remember what's in it.

My Friendster:

lol. This is ancient. This was the very first social site I had.
Think of it as ancient Facebook. I don't log into this one anymore.
I just keep it since it's been there since 2002

My Myspace:

Well, this account was hacked multiple times, 
in the end I got annoyed and never visited again.

My Facebook: 
In terms of privacy, I am most sensitive with this one.
If I don't know you, I won't add you.
But don't fret, I'm a friendly person,
most likely I would do the adding. If not, I'm just lazy.

My Ameblog:

A japanese blog
I touch it once in a while.
Expect fail Japanese as well.

My twitter:

If you can't get enough of me.
I blabber in real time as well.